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I have been breeding border collies since the early 90s with emphasis on herding, but they are also very capable of doing Agility, Obedience, Nose Work for example.We have a small farm comprised of sheep, goats and cattle and they are helpful w/ the chores as well as good companions.

This is a line that comes down from my McCallum bred dog Cash , who competed in the 2001and 2002 USBCHA Cattledog Finals . He finished in the top twenty both times, 14th the first year and 11th in 2002. Jewel the the dam at the time, also competed not only in the Cattle dog Finals, but also the USBCHA Sheepdog Finals. She was a very biddable dog and a very natural worker. These pups are bred to work cattle, goats and sheep, but should also be good companions .

See more photos of our dogs in action

These pups are bred for herding but possess the talent to take on almost any training. The last litter [ same breeding ] has proven they have the moxie to either keep up with the kids , run agility or compete in conformation. There are pictures up of Titan, the Amazing Lyra and Brianne , all from last years litter. Born on May 14, 2018 they are almost ready for their new forever homes. Both parents are on the premises , always ready to greet a visitor. AKC registered, they will be crate trained before they leave, used to toenail trimming , loud sounds, and following a person on a walk. Please call for more info or just to ask questions. Linda

I am currently a Breeder of Merit w/ AKC as well as the Herding Breeder of the year for 2014. The Breeder of the Year award is for having produced dogs that have achieved advanced titles in herding , such as Herding Champion and Herding Excellent in Sheep, Cattle or Ducks.

I will be naming and sorting the pups since they are developing personalities and starting to follow as well as come when called, but enjoy the gallery of pictures. Please call or text w/ any questions or comments.

Discriptions of the new litter

Coach (has been SOLD)
is an all around kind of guy.
Likes people and has a laid back style.
Zorro (has been SOLD)
the blue male w the mask.
Great presence and just a fun loving guy.
Alice Very outgoing
quite the spit fire .
Splash Lovely girl, just as outgoing as the rest,
just a tad more sensitive and loves people.

Photos of the new litter



Certificate of Pedigree for the litter

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Certificate of Pedigree for Caleesi

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See Caleesi in action at the Kay County Fair:

Photos of Chip, the Father



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